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Introspective Model



Introspective Approach, Person-centred, Solution Focused, Support and guidance, Four-stage model.

Why have a model?

The Introspective model is a four stage model of inner-growth. The model is used as a guide to effectively address each stage of the Introspective Therapy procedure, allowing both the client and coach/therapist to keep track of progress. The model is especially useful for monitoring the different stages, to ensure that there is a continuous sense of forward direction. 


The model is used for both short and long-term coaching. The four stages allow flexibility to move from one stage to another if required. 


The aim of the model is to move you through each stage effectively so that you are less reliant on the sessions for support. The model aims to see you through to the stage where you are happier and more fulfilled. 


  • Monitor where you are in your coaching process

  • Move towards an effective outcome

  • Gain a sense of continuous forward direction

  • Suitable for long and short-term coaching

Stage 1 - Inner-state

The Inner-state stage provides a space for you to unpack emotions and any deeper feelings that may be preventing you from moving forward. It is a way of taking care of the underground work so you can build effectively. This stage is also provided so that I can offer you the best support throughout each stage of your coaching journey. It is a time for me to move with you while you move through the unpacking process.

Stage 2 - Forward

Once the underground work is complete, there is a space and opening for you to move forward. This stage is about setting your intention; what is it you want to achieve? This is done by using a solution-focused and goal orientated approach which involves:


  • Exploring options

  • Suggesting new ideas

  • Introducing helpful ways of thinking

  • Exploring how to maintain a chosen solution

  • Looking at doing things differently to what has been done before

Stage 3 - Check-In

The Check-In stage allows the space in between sessions to test any new ideas that have been suggested during Stage 2 (the 'forward stage'). This stage is used to support you while you are experiencing the transition from one stage in your life to the next and 'experiencing' your chosen way of moving forward. 

Stage 4 - Fall-back Stage

The 'fall-back' sessions are available to help re-stabilise your situation if needed. It helps you regain clarity and maintain stability. This is useful as you are becoming less reliant on the One-to-One sessions and become able to use your 'inner tools' to begin things on your own.


The Fall-back Stage requires less sessions and can be used as a 'drop-in' session for the following:


  • Help with maintaining your focus

  • Discussing a change of circumstances

  • Assistance with further clarity

  • Reassurance

  • General support




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