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Terms and Conditions



The terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Introspective Therapy. It is important to understand that Introspective Therapy is not a 'Counselling' service, but uses general counselling skills combined with coaching techniques (coach-therapy) and works within an integrative framework.  


Personal information provided within the sessions remain confidential unless:


a) You are at risk of harm towards yourself or others.


b) Information is required by law.


c) Certain information needs to be taken to supervision, in which case this will be discussed 

before hand and will not be disclosed unless your consent is given (supervision is for addressing further ways to support both the client and therapist/coach).


d) Initial information such as your name and address will be kept in a secure file for the use of Introspective Therapy. This also applies to any therapy notes that are made during or after sessions. 


Introspective Therapy will not provide information to any third party other than what has been stated in this privacy policy.




Coaching Style

Integration - Clients signing up for coach-therapy sessions must be clear that Introspective Therapy provides an integrative approach using both counselling and coaching skills. Introspective Therapy may work with the Introspective Model designed to provide a structure and balance, so that each stage of the coaching process can be monitored and used to support the clients' progress. The use of the model is optional. Introspective Therapy will discuss the model with you if there is a need for it's appropriate use. 


Eclecticism - Introspective Therapy may use eclectic approaches where appropriate which allows flexibility for techniques and ideas to be used from a variety of sources. Introspective Therapy will use eclecticism to help provide the client with various specific tools which may be used to further support the client within the session, from moment to moment as well as in between sessions. 




a) Introspective Therapy sessions and schedules will be discussed during the consultation call if one takes place, as well as during the introductory session. The frequency of sessions based on the clients' needs, availability and recommendation from a professional perspective will also be discussed. This plan may be altered throughout the coaching process if necessary and will be formed through mutual agreement between coach and client. 


b) The length of 'therapy room' sessions will last 55 minutes, and 'telephone' sessions last 1 hour. Introspective Therapy will stick to this time boundary in order to ensure that clients attending the sessions after you can begin their session on time. 


c) All clients will be given a contract at the start of their sessions stating basic policies and procedures. 


If a session needs to be cancelled please notify Introspective Therapy at least 48 hours in advance for therapy room bookings and 24 hours in advance for telephone sessions. This can be done via telephone or email. Failure to give notice within the time specified may incur a fee of £15 for therapy room bookings and £10 for telephone sessions. 


If for any exceptional reason Introspective Therapy needs to reschedule a session, contact will be made firstly by telephone or alternatively via email.  In such circumstances a future session will be arranged and mutually agreed.


If a reschedule is not made, any prepaid sessions that will not be carried-out will be refunded.

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