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Self-discovery class

Learn to deepen your connection with ‘self’ using meditative practices.

Reconnect with yourself from the inside-out.’ 


Introspective Therapy invites you to take an inward focus and  discover your internal resource and inner guidance. You’ll learn to reconnect with your inner-self by turning inward and finding your inner wisdom. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is time and space to become more present. 

Introspective Therapy’s self-discovery class provides a space to be still and check in with your  soul to discover more of your inner-self. 

During silence and stillness we can explore what’s going on inside by listening to our thoughts more clearly, acknowledging our feelings and being atoned with our rhythm. Together we’ll deepen our spiritual practice by being with all parts of ourselves; mind, body and soul. 


  • Are you avoiding silence and stillness? 

  • Are you avoiding you? 

  • Do you love what your life looks like on the outside but have lost true connection with yourself from the inside? 

  • Is your mind and body constantly on the go? 

  • Do you need to slow down and pay more attention to your inner-self? 

  • Are you constantly running on empty with no inner fulfillment? 



What to expect: 


  • Light breathing exercises 

  • Writing & Meditation 

  • Soul-expression 

  • Self-inquiry 

  • Soul-care & Inner work 


You will learn: 


  • Basic self-discovery practices through self-inquiry 

  • The practice of meditation and journaling 

  • How breathing exercises help to calm the body and mind 

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