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1:1 Therapy 

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One-to-One therapy sessions help you reconnect with yourself by turning inward and discovering your inner guidance and ability to overcome personal challenges. The sessions provide a safe space for you to gain a deeper awareness of yourself and your situation so you can move forward in a clearer and healthier way. 

What to Expect

One-to-One sessions currently take place via video call or telephone, usually once a week for 1 hour. 

I facilitate a number of client issues and combine a range of theoretical approaches used in psychotherapy, coupled with a variety of coaching styles and techniques. I work closely with the psychodynamic approach in therapy to help identify what may be causing certain problems, as well as improve self-understanding.


Together we will reflect and explore what's happening inwardly. This includes any feelings and deeper emotions that may be preventing you from moving forward. I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space; I will listen and help you gain a better sense of your problem and life for you as a whole. I will also help you gain an alternative perspective and a different way of managing your situation. 

Your sessions and personal disclosure are based on the procedure for confidentiality, please see terms & conditions for more details.


  • 1 hour sessions

  • One-to-One sessions 

  • Confidentiality


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