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Coaching & Therapy 

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Coaching is a development process which helps stimulate self-awareness in a way that promotes the motivation for change. It is a forward thinking approach assisting you in moving from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching offers guidance and equips you with personal tools that can be used to help overcome personal challenges.


1:1 personal therapy provides a confidential and safe space that allows you to unpack and explore your thoughts and feelings. It helps you gain a deeper awareness of yourself and your situation. 

My style of work

I am an integrative coach-therapist which means I combine a range of theoretical approaches used in psychotherapy, coupled with a variety of coaching techniques. Effectively my work is one of a counselor, psychotherapist and self-care coach. 

Why Integrative Coaching and Therapy? 

Integrative coach-therapy is an effective technique used to combine both coaching and therapy approaches. The therapy aspect creates the groundwork for unpacking deeper feelings and emotions before moving forward with coaching techniques. Once we have looked at any issues that may be preventing you from moving forward, we are then able to build and begin creating the changes you want to see. The benefits of integrative coaching and therapy are: 

  • Flexibility from one approach to another according to your needs

  • Identifying blockages that prevent you from reaching your goal

  • Having a coach with both skills and abilities to work through sensitive issues as well as setting goals and focusing on solutions



Therapy Approaches include: 


  • Person-centred

  • Psychodynamic 

  • EFT (Emotion freedom therapy) 

  • Interpersonal 

To support my work I use a range of theoretical approaches in different ways to facilitate client sessions. 



Coaching Approaches include: 

  • Solution focused

  • Goal orientated

  • Mentoring 

How I work

  • 50 minute sessions 

  • One-to-One

  • Confidentiality

  • Telephone and video sessions 

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