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Group Support 

Supportive environment, Group feedback, Self-help, Group activities, Confidential setting, Existentialism - Meaning, Choice, Freedom, Purpose, Uncertainty, Change.

Group support sessions offer a supportive environment with the opportunity to receive feedback from other members of the group who may share similar experiences to yourself. Group support is completed in a confidential setting. Members of the group will have the opportunity to express their issues with a sense of safety and security. Group activities will be incorporated such as - light breathing and meditation exercises and occasional journaling. 

Benefits of group therapy 

  • Provides a space where you can listen to others and hear similar experiences to your own  

  • Provides the sense that you are not alone 

  • Gain suggestions and feedback 

  • Creates a strong network of support 

  • Encourages confidence and self-expression 

  • Promotes social skills 

  • Cost effective 

These sessions will provide a platform for you to explore a healthier mind-set with the following:


  • Guilt 

  • Vulnerability 

  • Feeling lost

  • Inner conflict

  • Doubt and fear

  • Uncertainty

  • Anxiety

  • Trust 

  • Dealing with change



Group sessions will focus on your general life experiences, what these experiences mean for you and how you deal with the unavoidable challenges of life. The sessions will help you to deal with life's natural ups and downs and help you gain an understanding for yourself that is clear and useful when challenges arise.

What to expect

Sessions will take place within a group setting and will last 60 minutes. Sessions will consist of 6 - 9 members and will be carried-out in a consultation room designed for 1:1 therapy and group services. See contact for more details.

Your sessions and personal disclosure are based on the procedure for confidentiality, please see terms & conditions for more details.


  • 60 minute sessions 

  • Group Setting

  • Confidentiality

  • Safe environment

  • Family Therapy 

  • Relationship Therapy 

  • Support Groups


First Session

If you are interested in joining group therapy please use the contact form for further info and to book your first taster session. 


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