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My aim is to help you discover your true nature and ability to create the change you want in your life. The first step in creating any form of long-term positive change will very often begin with you. Introspective Coaching provides one-to-one coach-therapy sessions for adults who wish to find ways to sustain positive change; by 'being' the change that they wish to see.  Services

One-to-One Coaching Sessions
Paula Louis-Fernand
+44 (0)07977 931 543
How can an Introspective coaching session help you?



  • Develop a new, fresh, focused outlook

  • Help develop a better relationship with yourself and others

  • Maintain a healthier mind-set

  • Recognise the limitations of your own well-being through past conditioning

"Turn Inwards And Be Active Outwards."




Your truest Self








"Having sessions with Paula was exhilarating as I had the opportunity to dig deep into my feelings and find out things about myself that I wasn't previously aware of. Paula has a sense of warmth and understanding that I don't really receive from people in my everyday life. There's a welcoming nature when you sit down with her. Paula has helped me through difficult times and I am much appreciative of that."


Nadia (28, London)

"It was an eye-opener for me to have sessions with Paula. She helped me find myself 'the true me' and guided me to be myself. I am a lot happier now and feeling in charge of my life. Thanks Paula."


Mayumi (42, London)

"People don't need to be saved or rescued. People need knowledge of their own power and how to access it."

"I find Paula a personable but yet professional competence. I was recommended to Paula when I was in a very mentally and emotionally challenging place. At once I reconciled a forgotten hope with her. I followed some very profound wise council from her and began to rebuild my life. With gratitude and thanks."


Brett (45, London)

"Paula is a great listener, with a natural flare and sensitivity to hear individual narratives. Paula's empathic style fundamentally underpins her professional attributes as a Coach allowing space for personal growth and development."


Jennifer (35, London)

  • Feeling trapped in old unhelpful thought patterns
  • Feeling mentally trapped, exhausted and  unhappy
  • Wanting to overcome certain obstacles, barriers or challenges
  • Wanting to cope better with change, uncertainty, doubt or fear
  • Wanting to develop an awareness and sense of inner-truth


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   Paula Louis-Fernand
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"Everything you need
is already within you."  
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If you would like more information on how Introspective Coaching sessions could benefit you, try the free consultation call  Alternatively you can use the contact form to book an introductory session.


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