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Self-care Sessions

Self-care Sessions, Self-compassion, Authentic Living, Daily Care

Self-care sessions



Personal Well-being Coaching


Spiritual Therapy


Group Therapy 


  • Restore creative energy

  • Refreshed and focused outlook 

  • Reconnect to your essential Inner Artist

  • Minimise doubts and fears

  • Develop a healthier thought process that is helpful to your creative work 

  • Understand creative-therapy and why it is essential 

What to Expect

One-to-one sessions will take place face to face and will last 1 hour. The sessions will be carried-out in a consultation room designed for one-to-one therapy services, Visit contact for more details.

Your sessions and personal disclosure are based on the procedure for confidentiality, please see terms & conditions for more details.


  • 1 hour sessions

  • One-to-one

  • Confidentiality

  • Safe environment


First Session

The first session is a 1 hour introductory session which will give you the opportunity to gain a sense of my general approach and find out if the sessions may benefit and work best for you. This is also an opportunity to discuss what you would like to gain from the creative well-being sessions.


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