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Unhealed Imprints

Recently I’ve been reading a book by Alberto Villoldo, which has been a reminder to the disturbances that can potentially be carried around with us, as an imprint, which is formed when negative emotions that accompany trauma are not healed. Our imprints can become highly charged when we experience a trigger of past events that we have not fully healed from. This is common in romantic relationships, as the other person becomes a mirror and reveals aspects of ourselves that may need attending to. Abandonment issues, rejection, insecurities, fear, loss, attachment etc, may become highly charged and can challenge us to extremes.

Alberto Villoldo writes – “one client had a highly charged imprint produced when her father and mother separated. She was struggling with severe abandonment issues, which did not surface until two years into her marriage, when the imprint was suddenly activated. Although she loved her husband and he had never given her cause to doubt him, she was convinced that she could not count on him, or any man, to be supportive when she really needed him. There was nothing her spouse could do to reassure her. Her abandonment issues would surface and be projected onto every male in her life.

These dark energies always indicate the presence of an active imprint. When it begins to play itself out, we gravitate to people and situations that will allow us to relive the circumstances of the original wounding in an attempt to heal it.”

Source: Shaman Healer Sage, By Alberto Villoldo.

My experience has been to surrender to the dark energies rather than trying to fight them. In surrendering, I am acknowledging them in total openness and vulnerability, preparing to be humiliated with trust of overcoming and transcending. There are lessons to be learned here and healing to be done. It is so possible to heal. We must first be open to what the experience can teach us, which requires a level of trust and honesty. When we are ready to heal and we trust the journey that is before us, we have taken one of the most important steps which stems from having the willingness, courage and acceptance to move forward.

Food for thought:

How do you deal with unhealed pain from the past? What do you do to encourage yourself to heal? Are your attempts in healing past pain helping you to move forward?


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