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Rising Women - Enhancing self-care

What a pleasure it is to work with grateful women! They show up willing, ready and so able to engage in true soul work. The topic for this month was - Changing Your Routine to Enhance Self-care - we looked closely at what we choose to do and why.

The foundation of self-care and its importance in maintaining health, work-life balance and relationships were discussed.

It helped to give a brief breakdown of our morning and evening routine so that self-care can be incorporated or improved either in the morning to vibrate higher and set our mood, or in the evening, encouraging us to unwind and de-stimulate.

As a group we made a list of things that help us feel calm, relaxed, centred and ready to start the day or unwind. Our suggestions were:

Burning an incense or candle

Sipping tea






Taking a relaxing bath

We also wrote ourselves love notes which helped us pay closer attention to our inner beauty, strength and courage. This exercise was particularly powerful and brought a lot of emotion by simply recognising our individual greatness.

Here's an example:

Dear Self,

I appreciate your ability to be courageous, brave and open to what life has to offer. I know things have been moving fast, but I'd like to give you permission to stop and breath, to reflect and feel the warmth of your heart. I am grateful that we are one.



The ladies reconnected with themselves and their love notes reflected personal clarity that was meaningful to each of them. After the exercise they expressed words such as:

  • Determination

  • Stillness

  • Humble

  • Hopeful

  • Eclectic

  • Strength

  • Deserving

  • Appreciation

The purpose of this exercise is to allow us to bring forward our love for self and demonstrate this in a form of writing. (When we love something we tend to focus on it more) It was time to put all else aside and praise ourselves; attend to ourselves by reconnecting with our feelings.

Self-care is partly about showing up for yourself. Acknowledging what you need and being prepared to give that to yourself daily. It is about creating boundaries for yourself, self preservation and nurturing your mind, body and soul instead of draining it. Self-care is not a selfish act, it is an essential part of your health and well-being.

With gratitude and thanks.


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