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Enhance your well-being through soul-care

5 Soul-care tips

soul-care (a personal definition) is feeding our soul at a core level. It is a form of self-care but goes a step further, providing nourishment that feeds us, builds us up and vitalises us. Here are five brief soul-care tips that can help enhance your well-being.

  • Take yourself away for an hour or so when needed, to journal and be still.

  • Create your sacred healing space - To think, to contemplate, to feel what’s going on inside.

  • support your spiritual practise by creating a form of consistency. Practising regularly and engaging fully.

  • discover what you find therapeutic and relaxing, and do more of that - this could be baking, drinking herbal teas, meditating, or even taking a nap so you feel recharged.

  • Create your own ceremony - draw from a number of well-being essentials and incorporate them into a ‘self-love’ hour. This can include a meditation, journaling, tea, candles, calming music and yoga.

Whatever soul-care tip you try, remember that it is not limited to the tips above. Soul-care is about discovering what nourishes you. It can be a hobby or something you find particularly calming.

The main thing is know that soul-care must support your inner well-being at a heart-space level.


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