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Successful September

It's the first Monday of September and the first full week. Many of us are entering a new phase of the year, as summer comes to an end we pick up a new beginning. We may begin a new job, or a new academic term, our children may be entering a new phase themselves and that may reflect a change in routine. Whatever is upon us or if things remain fairly the same, it's vital to bring our full selves into this part of our journey. Be present for you, pay attention to you, show up for you, succeed for you and care for you.

Too often we reach out to everyone and everything else but us. A lack of self-care can lead to ill-health and poor life choices. Time is passing, things are changing and in the midst of it all we have to carry ourselves through.

In order to be successful we don't have to have it all figured out, be in our dream job, drive a fancy car or live in a fancy home. For some of us success means to be mentally and emotionally well, creatively healthy, self-nurturing and present to ourselves daily, so that we can give ourselves what we need in order to be inwardly happy and fulfilled.

This September, as the changes take affect, notice how you feel. Ask yourself if you're happy? Take some time to sit alone and feel what is inwardly there. Be self-aware because in doing so we are able to change what isn't serving us on the inside.

We first need to be inwardly content. In many cases this is the true road to success. It might start with a daily or weekly ritual such as - yoga, meditation, journaling, walking, reading, talking therapy or anything that helps release what doesn't serve us. It is about engaging in an activity or meditative practice that encourages us to let go of the weight we at times carry.

We have to give up what weighs us down so we can go higher.

It isn't a new year, but this month can be a new beginning. May you go with mindfulness and true presence. May your September be as good as a new year and may you set intentions that contribute towards your inner well-being.


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