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Exhaustion in the body

Hello February!!!

For me, January felt like it went on forever!

After the Christmas and New Year period I felt really drained. My body experienced what women typically go through each month! This ‘drained’ feeling continued for the first part of January and during this time my body was urging me to pay attention to its signs. The low energy I experienced felt unusual and I began drawing closer to the fact that this lack of energy was more than just my ‘sensitive time’ but was an extension of the whole of last year and the Christmas period. The way it happened was that the old energy needed to pass through me in order to release itself (at least that’s how I experienced and made sense of it). As the old energy was passing through me, I naturally felt its effect, it was a constant feeling of exhaustion.

What was interesting is that I had begun the process of a ‘shift’ – I was watching and experiencing my routine and emotional mind-state change. My spiritual practices were developing and becoming stronger than they had been in a while, and I was feeling recharged. Upon January’s arrival is when the body began to really alert me. The body functions naturally and sometimes there’s no warning of it shutting down. It’s only when we become more in-tune that we notice a shift and can begin to incorporate the necessary tools to help us function in a healthier way.

Sometimes we carry energies that are unhelpful to our evolution. These unhelpful energies get stored and sometimes trapped, in various parts of the body. It’s important to pay attention to how the body and mind feels. If you are lower in energy and/or your mind feels heavy, it’s useful to rest as well as engaging in spiritual practices and self-care rituals.

Meditation and stillness during these times can help detect any ‘heaviness’ or tiredness, and during this ‘still’ practice, we can invite a sense of calm to ease the body and mind. Meditation practice can help us to acknowledge this feeling and then transcend it by allowing it to pass through the body without resistance; naturally releasing itself. The body can feel powerless if stagnant energy is stored for too long. Yoga practices and Pilates are also helpful for connecting with and then releasing unwanted energy.

This observation allowed me to deeper connect with the body-mind. I was able to listen to my body in a way that develops my self-awareness and self-insight. From this place I become more in-tune, spiritually equipped and self-compassionate.

Remember it is important to slow down when necessary. Listen to your body and don’t ignore signs of prolonged tiredness. Create time for regular self-care and spiritual practices that enhance your well-being including your mind, body and soul.


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