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Rising Women - is life balanced?

Welcome to the second blog post for Rising Women, this month we discussed life's balances and found that events in life are balanced, even with hardship and turmoils; there is a blessing and lesson to take away. We agreed that the lessons and growth we experience throughout life are priceless and contribute towards the Rising Women that we are today.

We also took a look at polarities and life cycles. We shared examples of polarities so that we could see where opposites exist and remind ourselves that life has its own sense of balance.

Stories were shared on times when we experienced suffering and out of that suffering came a blessing. Noticing the good and bad, positive and negative, happy and sad, ups and downs and life and death, helped strengthen our outlook on life as we made a clearer distinction between life's certainties and uncertainties.

The message here is partly about not allowing our circumstances to dictate our future; it is all changeful.

The commonality that each woman shares within the Rising Women's group is the experience and the power of sharing. We are grateful for this space and time to reflect, build, and hear our own voices.

With thanks and gratitude, keep rising.


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