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Rising Women - Reflective Quotes

If you are new here or have checked out the blog before, a warm welcome. This blog page is a catch up on the Rising Women sessions, here you can read a bit about what goes on each month. If you haven’t yet attended, don’t be shy, just come and try!

So without further ado!

This month was special for many reasons, but one thing that stood out to me was how we each owned our voice through self-expression and communicated effectively. It was a reminder of our magic and voices. It was at the level where we were comfortable in our own skin which created a sense of value and acceptance for ourselves first and then others. The connection was humbling and beautiful.

The bonds and togetherness that were formed created beautiful moments. The ability to share in a space where you're meeting people for the first time is incredible, it dresses vulnerability up with strength and personal power.

During this session we discussed quotes and memes which were written and randomly selected. We all love a good meme/quote every now and then and this exercise allowed us to think about what we read and approach it with an open mind. It also allowed us to reflect on what’s written, see how the message speaks to us and find out what we can learn from it. There were affirmations that were written and shared which also encouraged self-reflection, encouragement and motivation.

Thank you all for attending Rising Women. Thank you for sharing your stories, your support, your encouragement and your laughter.

Looking forward to doing it all again on the 30th September. Stay connected for the next one!

Much love,


For information on Rising Women's monthly event please see 'what's on.'


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