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Rising Women - Self-care and the mind

Rising Women was an amazing afternoon. The Magic that happens when we choose to be open and embrace our vulnerability as women is inspiring to say the least. We recognise our strength and power that comes during moments of sharing, and acknowledge the sisterhood that these sessions represent. The feedback was soul felt and I feel privileged to experience conversation, storytelling and support and that I'm able to provide a space and opportunity for the sessions to take place.

Yesterday's topic for discussion was 'self-care and the mind.' We tackled our challenges around learning to say "no" without feeling we have to explain ourselves, recognise what's going on for us inside and be able to verbalise it if necessary, the importance of self-care, learning to accept ourselves and meet each other where we are. We sent positive affirmations to one another and created a personal affirmation that can be completed in our own private space and time.

I am looking forward to sharing this space again. If you didn't book a space this time round, I hope you're able to do so for the next one. You can register here.

Stay connected for future dates and self-care sessions.

Gratitude and thanks. Keep rising.


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