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What does your self-care look like?

Your self-care should be an important part of your daily life but how much of a priority is it to you?

With so many ways to describe the term self-care, what's interesting are the following questions - "Are we engaging in its activity, what is this activity, can we describe it, what are it's benefits and is there more than one?"

I'd first like you to spend a moment or two thinking of at least two things you do which you think relates to the term 'self-care'.

Now, ask yourself if any are related to your mindset and the way you think?

When you heard the term 'self-care', you probably didn't think it being about your emotional well-being, but more about your physical well-being; pampering yourself and making yourself feel better externally. We often use the term 'self-care' to refer to one's ability to take care of daily activities; like feeding oneself, showering, brushing one's teeth, wearing clean clothes, and attending to medical concerns. However, I believe 'self-care' to be more than that. To me, 'self-care' is also about mental and emotional well-being.

Think of your mind as a desktop (like a computer or laptop) and throughout the day you keep adding multiple files and documents (which are acting as your thoughts) onto this desktop. After a while you are going to have to clear this desktop an throw some things into the recycling bin. There may even be all kinds of viruses that affect the smooth running of the device and a clean-up may well be necessary. This is what I believe self-care should be; at the end of everyday we should sort through our thoughts and decide which ones were helpful and which ones simply do not serve us.

At this point I'm hoping that I have caught your attention enough to begin thinking about broadening the term 'self-care' and thinking about what this really means for you as an individual.

Do we think it's important to think positively, engage in positive self-talk, observe our thoughts and not be to attached to them?

Our mind displays two sides, the psychological side and the practical side. The practical side is necessary and is used to function in a healthy way which we need to operate daily. The psychological mind is filled with ego, holding fear, doubt, negative thinking and so on, and can entangle us into delusional states causing low mood, unhappiness and moving us further away from our natural state - which is free, loving, joyful, spacious and open.

In order to improve 'self-care' we must become aware of our mental and emotional well-being; what is happening on the inside and worry less about external factors. Intrinsic well-being is the first ingredient for self-care.


If you would like more information on how introspective Therapy sessions can work for you, try the free consultation call which is a great way to find out more. Alternatively you can fill out a contact form by visiting the contact page



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